Security Camera Installation and Monitoring

Being the victim of vandalism or robbery is not only often financially devastating but can also leave you feeling vulnerable or even afraid to be in your own workplace or home. At American Detection Monitoring Solutions, we want to help protect you and your business or family from such an event. With our quality surveillance equipment, your business or home is that much more protected from vandalism, theft, employee theft, and more. Not only can the cameras record these acts as they happen but just having them present can often deter crime before it occurs.

Residential Installation

Available Services

You can expect our team of certified and licensed professionals to provide quality residential, commercial, and industrial surveillance services such as:

  • Camera installation

  • Nighttime or 24-hour surveillance monitoring

  • IP cameras that allow access to cameras anywhere there is an Internet connection

  • Ability to call and reach a real-live person for professional customer service

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